Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start working?

After your account has been activated, go to the “Available cases” page in your user control panel. There you will find a list of available writing jobs with their respective topics and the money amounts you could make for each job. Each case also states the number of pages/slides required and the deadline by which the completed work should be submitted.

Choose a case that matches your area of expertise and apply for it.

Make sure you familiarize yourself with “Paper Details” and the uploaded materials, if any, before applying for the case. If you are sure you will be able to follow the instructions and complete the job on time, enter a valid reason for us to assign you and click the “apply” button.

If you have been approved to take on the job, you will receive an email notification.

Can I apply for more than one order at a time?

Yes, there is no limit to the number of cases you can apply for. However, make sure you apply only to the cases you know you can complete. Keep in mind that you can be assigned only to a reasonable amount of cases at the same time.

Are your services legal?

Yes! Our company is registered as a premium academic writing service and you have every right to purchase all our products and services without any legal risks.

Can the customer request a revision for free?

Yes, they can. According to our Policy, we provide free revisions in case the revision instructions do not contradict the initial ones. The customer can request a revision any time before the approval or within 14 days after approval.

The customer requested a revision that requires extra research. This was not mentioned initially.

If the customer modifies initial instructions in any way, please let the Writer Support Team know. You should also write the customer a message and let them know that research was not part of initial instructions.

Can I suggest the money value of the case to be changed?

Yes, you can. The money value of the order is fixed and determined by 3 aspects: deadline, number of pages and academic level. However, if you see that the available order requires a lot of time and research, and the offered money is not enough to cover your time and efforts, you can suggest your own price (make a bid). It will be considered when you apply for the order.

Likewise, if you see that the available order is a piece of cake and that you would be able to complete it easily, you can make a bid that’s lower than the amount of money offered. You would do this to increase your chances of getting the order.

Can I re-sell or publish the texts I write through homeworkhelp? Can I include them in my portfolio?

No. Doing so would violate our Terms and Conditions.

How do I become a PRO Writer?

You need to meet the following criteria:

  • At least 12 points out of 15 for grammar test
  • A minimum of 20 orders completed with no major mistakes
  • Ability to write at least 100 quality pages per month (70 pages for PRO Light Writers)
  • No customers’ complaints about the formatting or the grammar
  • No negative feedback regarding your work
  • Availability over the phone and in chat both day and night
  • No late or plagiarized works submitted
  • At least two months of constant and active work on cases
  • At least 3 orders with customers’ positive feedback
  • Ability to complete at least 20 orders of Help Needed category monthly.

If you do not meet the above criteria, you might still be eligible for the PRO Light status. We have to be satisfied with your writing skills and the work statistics to grant you the PRO Light status. If you keep delivering high-quality work once you’ve obtained the PRO Light status, this may be a basis for your further promotion to the PRO Writer status.

In order to apply for the PRO or PRO Light Writer status, please log into your account and press the “Get a promotion” button.

In case your request for promotion was declined, you can re-apply for the PRO or PRO light Writer status in two months after the previous application.

What benefits do PRO Writers receive?

  • PRO Light Writers receive a 15% bonus on every successfully completed case.
  • PRO Writers get a bonus in the amount of 25% for each order. PRO Writers are automatically assigned to the job as soon as the “apply” button is hit. Exceptions apply to the orders that require further clarification.

What are the formatting styles?

Formatting styles – APA, MLA, Chicago and Harvard – are standards, according to which academic papers should be formatted. For your convenience, we have provided links to detailed formatting style guides.

What does Rating mean?

Every writer has a rating – an indicator of how successful he/she is. All writers start with the rating of 3. The highest rating you can get is 5.

Will you protect my identity?

Yes. All writers transactions on our website are anonymously processed unless otherwise specified. We will protect your identity as our writers.

Can I be fined on Homeworkhelp.cc?

Yes. Here is a list of things you could be fined for (in accordance with our Terms and Conditions):

  • Plagiarism
  • Errors in the formatting of the paper
  • Not answering the call
  • Late submission
  • Withdrawal from the case without a valid reason
  • Delivery of a poor-quality work
  • Instructions not followed