When 24 million students and educators come together, amazing things can happen. Course Hero is an online learning platform where you can access over 20 million course-specific study resources contributed by a community of students and educators. Students can find practice problems, study guides, videos, class notes, and step-by-step explanations for every subject they're studying — from economics to literature, biology to history, accounting to psychology, and everything in between. With Course Hero, students can quickly find the resources they need to complement what they're learning in the classroom. They get guidance for their toughest assignments, gain a deeper understanding of core concepts, and study for exams in their courses at their schools. By studying with Course Hero, students are prepared to tackle any class with confidence.


Course Hero是一个在线学习平台,您可以在其中访问由学生和教育者社区贡献的超过2000万门针对特定课程的学习资源。学生可以找到他们所研究的每个学科的练习题,学习指南,视频,课堂笔记以及分步说明,从经济学到文学,从生物学到历史,从会计到心理学,以及介于两者之间的所有内容。

借助Course Hero,学生可以快速找到他们所需的资源,以补充他们在课堂上所学的知识。他们获得最艰巨任务的指导,对核心概念有更深入的了解,并在学校课程中学习考试。通过与“课程英雄”一起学习,学生可以满怀信心地应对任何课程。