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  • 逐步指导的每日课程:24节详细的课程引导学生通过整个小说学习。

  • 作业和活动:每日任务以增强理解和参与感。

  • 词汇工作表:针对每次阅读任务的上下文和字典定义练习。

  • 理解问题和测验:评估学生的理解和阅读进度。

  • 写作任务:贯穿整个小说学习单元的详细写作指导,包括信息性写作、说服性写作和个人观点表达等。



  • 分层次的批判性思维问题:解释性问题、批判性问题和个人回应问题。

  • 非虚构阅读作业:学生需要阅读至少一篇非虚构文章并观看至少一个相关视频,并完成简短的报告。

  • 多样的附加活动:角色扮演、口头阅读评估、写作会议、非虚构口头报告、学习下棋和/或麻将等。

  • 词汇复习课:通过拼图、游戏和工作表进行复习。

  • 整单元复习课:准备单元测试的复习材料,包括拼图、游戏和工作表。

  • 五种不同级别的单元测试:多项选择题、简答题和高级简答题,可以混合使用。

  • 评估标准:包含一些活动的评估标准。

  • 公告板创意页面:包括公告板创意页面和扩展活动创意页面。

  • 答案键:提供理解问题、选择题测验、词汇工作表、测试和复习材料的答案。








自1989年以来,我一直是一名“教师企业家”,很久以前就爱上了课堂教学,并喜欢通过Teacher's Pet Publications帮助教师和学生。如果您有任何问题或需要帮助,请随时通过Q&A或电子邮件与我联系。






This LitPlan Novel Study for The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan is a comprehensive foundation of ready-to-use materials that will ensure your students get the most out of their The Joy Luck Club novel study.

Practical, flexible, and standards-based with step-by-step plans for the whole novel unit, my LitPlan Novel Study is especially helpful to new teachers or veteran teachers teaching The Joy Luck Club for the first time.

24 Step-by-Step Daily Lessons guide you and your students through this novel study.

Assignments and Activities are planned for each day of the novel unit.

Vocabulary Worksheets that focus on meaning in context and dictionary definitions go with each reading assignment.

Comprehension Questions and Quizzes follow the reading assignments, so you know if your students are keeping up with their reading and if they are understanding what they are reading.

Writing Assignments are sprinkled throughout this novel study for The Joy Luck Club, too! Detailed writing assignment sheets guide students' writing.

  • The first assignment is to inform: students write a composition about one of the background topics assigned in Lesson One.

  • The second a persuasive writing assignment: students will take on the persona of one of the“aunties” and write to one of the daughters (not her own) to persuade the daughter to be more tolerant and appreciative of her mother.

  • The third assignment gives students the opportunity to express personal opinions: students will select the mother/daughter relationship they found the most interesting or complicated and write an essay expressing their opinions about the relationship.

Two lessons are also devoted to Leveled Critical Thinking Questions:

  • Interpretive Questions require students to simply interpret facts that are given.

  • Critical Questions require students to think deeply to develop answers that go beyond what is in the text.

  • Personal Response Questions have no right or wrong answer; students formulate and give their own opinions.

A Nonfiction Reading Assignment is incorporated into this novel study unit for The Joy Luck Club. Students are required to read at least one nonfiction article and view at least one nonfiction video related to the story and complete a short report form analyzing their sources.

A Variety of Additional Activities are woven into this The Joy Luck Club novel study:

  • Role Playing Activity

  • Oral Reading Evaluation

  • Writing Conferences

  • Nonfiction Oral Presentations

  • Learning to pay Chess and/or Mahjong

A class period is devoted to Vocabulary Review. Review puzzles, games, and worksheets are provided.

One class period is devoted to Whole-Unit Review in preparation for the unit test. Review puzzles, games, and worksheets are provided.

Five Different Unit Tests are provided on different levels and to use for make-up tests or tests for different classes if you're teaching the book to more than one class at a time. Two are multiple-choice, two are short-answer, and one is advanced short-answer. You can mix-and-match test sections as well.

Evaluation Rubrics are included for some activities.

A page of Bulletin Board Ideas is included.

A page of ideas for Extension Activities is included.

Answer Keys are provided for the short-answer comprehension questions, multiple choice quizzes, vocabulary worksheets, tests, and review materials.

FLEXIBILITY is a key property of this novel study unit for The Joy Luck CLub.

  • It is formatted so that you can skip an activity I have planned and plug-in one of your own favorites if you want to.

  • You can use all or just parts of this LitPlan.

  • Written for whole-class use, but easily adaptable for:

    • independent study

    • small groups or lit circles

    • Homeschooling

    • tutoring

A teacher-favorite for years, hundreds of thousands of LitPlans (and Puzzle Packs!) have been used by tens of thousands of teachers in the USA, Canada, and overseas schools, providing reliable, high-quality, standards-based resources for teaching literature. If you want a solid foundation for teaching a work of literature, LitPlans have proved themselves worthy over years of use worldwide.

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