Spectrum Sunglass Simulation Assignment 1 

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You are a middle manager in Spectrum Sunglass Company, a 10-year-old, privately-held enterprise that designs, manufactures, and sells sunglasses. Your company just returned to a normal level of profitability after an economic recession when softening demand caught the attention of the company’s executives and bankers. 

At the annual strategy retreat, you inform your colleagues that BigMart, a major customer, is about to launch an in-house “Green Stamp” labeling program for environmental friendliness. Suppliers with this manufacturing certification will receive special promotions. A BigMart VP has gone further, threatening to cancel the Spectrum contract if the company does not submit a detailed plan—in just three months—demonstrating how it will reduce its dependence on petroleum-based raw materials.  

You propose that Spectrum Sunglass implement a sustainability initiative with three ambitious goals:

1. Eliminate 25% of waste by redesigning the manufacturing process. 

2. Reduce the current level of greenhouse gas emissions by 15%.

3. Create a new product line based entirely on environmentally benign materials.

Though not all employees are convinced that the sustainability initiative is desirable or even feasible, you are named as the head of a task force that is charged with implementing the change initiative in two years (96 weeks).  As the director of product innovation, you have no hierarchical power so you must influence the key change targets, including superiors, peers, and lower-level staff in other departments.  

To be successful, you have to move the organization through three fundamental, organization-level change phases: 

1. Mobilization

2. Movement

3. Sustain

You have to influence 18 internal stakeholders (change targets) through four individual-level change stages: 

1. Awareness

2. Interest

3. Trial

4. Adoption

To change the organization successfully in 96 weeks, you must do three things successfully: 

1. Diagnose the situation

2. Build and maintain credibility

3. Select appropriate change levers at appropriate times

What to Do:

· Purchase the Spectrum Sunglass simulation from Harvard Business School Publishing, using this link: https://hbsp.harvard.edu/import/846904 (Links to an external site.).

· Read the Foreground reading material. 

· Run the Low Authority, High Urgency (S3) scenario . This run will be the baseline for your performance grade.

· You will have immediate access through the web interface to your performance against the criteria below. Reflect on what you did, and develop a hypothesis and plan for how you can improve your performance. 

· Re-run the Low Authority, High Urgency (S3) scenario . This run will be graded as your improvement.  You have the opportunity to earn full assignment points based on your improvement.