So I received a notice from Chegg today (see link below) that my account had been identified as one being shared. I played Chegg's little game and filled out their questionnaire about how/when/from where I access my account before phoning customer service. Agent I spoke with essentially said "You need to log out of your account after every use and only access the service using a single device." I've had my account for a little while now and today is the first time this has happened. I travel frequently for work and subsequently my homework travels with me. My access may originate in San Diego one week then Atlanta the next (not braggy, just situation). One would think that Chegg's access register would be smart enough to realize the originating machine ID is the same regardless of location. Guess not.

I can abide by the logging out rule, but I think Chegg handled this poorly and could've fired off a warning email first saying "Hey! We think you're sharing your account. To ensure that we don't flag your account change your password and be sure to log off when you're done working." But nooooooooo, they didn't do that. So I'm left hoping that between now and Saturday (end of the 48 hours) I don't need to search for guidance or verify my work as I may be boned.

It's important to note that no, I've never shared my account details.

End rant. Thanks for reading.

Edit: duplicate text, non-sharing declaration.

Edit 14May2020: The link in the "Help" article to email Chegg with your activity patterns is now gone. The only means of contact is via phone.