The Renaissance was a time of rebirth for Western Europe. The Renaissance changed the economic, political, and social factors of Europe to modern day society opposed to the mid evil way of life. The Renaissance ended the dark ages with its art and thoughts on religion. This was important because it changed society. Economically, trade grew, along with trade value, as the times began to change from city to city. Politically, the authority of the Catholic Church had been swept away along with the conflict between the estates over power. Socially, the arts flourished thought all of Italy and then all of Europe. The Renaissance changed these three factors and thus was important because it changed how we see our modern world today. Coming out of the Dark Ages, Europe was about to change forever.
The Renaissance was a revolutionary time for Europe. The Renaissance changed everything such as religion, economics, politics, and social values. Before this time era, the black plague of the Dark Ages occurred and people no longer believed in God because they believed that he was punishing them resulting in humanism, the bettering of ones self. This changed Europe’s religions and faith within God. During the Renaissance, new forms of art began to flourish. The art also came less religious because of the world changing to a less religious one. The Renaissance also changed Europe economically.

The Renaissance also changed the social aspect of life by the arts and religion changing and evolving. Bringing the end to the Dark Ages and the rebirth of society was important for modern day Europe because we now forever see the world with open eyes.